The Difference Between a Steam Iron and a Steam Generator Iron

The Steam Iron vs Steam Generator IronYou might be wondering to yourself, what on earth is a steam generator iron? When you try searching up the term on Google, you will definitely run into more than just a definition.

I can guarantee that if you saw some of these irons in the market, it is a certainty that you will want one for yourself.

But in my opinion, it is important for you to know the difference between a regular old steam iron and a steam generator iron.

Well, both of these appliances work according to the same principle – distributing steam to your clothes when you are ironing them.

The main difference involves the way this steam is distributed.

Both of them have the same objective but in reality, there are many differences between them.

Let’s take a closer look for ourselves.

First of all, the normal steam iron comes to you as a single unit. That means that the unit has a plug that you have to insert into the socket and as soon as the steam is ready, you can start pressing your clothes.

With a steam generator iron, there are two different units where you have the iron as one part and a separate water tank as the other – this is where the steam is generated.

These two parts are connected together so that the steam generated in the water tank can travel to the soleplate of the iron. This is the main structural difference that you will notice between these two types of irons.

The amount of water that you can put in, the pressure of the steam and the duration of the steam coming out from the soleplate varies between these two irons.

A normal steam iron has a much smaller water intake capacity and if you have a large pile of laundry to iron, you have to fill the tank from time to time during your ironing session.

With some steam generator iron models, you can store up to 2 litres of water, so of course in this case you don’t have to fill the water tank as frequently.

If you didn’t know already, the pressure of steam varies between the two appliances. The pressure is quite high in steam generator irons and this extra pressure helps to smoothen out the clothes at a much greater extent when compared to a normal steam iron.

The amount of steam is also controllable in steam generator irons. There is no doubt that this will contribute to perfectly ironed clothes.

While steam generator irons are bulkier as a whole unit, the iron itself is quite light in weight since it does not contain any water inside.

The normal steam iron is lighter than the total unit of a steam generator iron, but is heavier than its iron since it contains water inside. This will also be an important factor for some of us.

Another very important difference between these two products is the level of efficiency.

A normal steam iron is definitely going to get the job done, but if you want to reduce your effort and ensure a smoother ironing experience, you should rely on a steam generator iron, especially if you do a lot of ironing and on a regular basis.