Advantages and Disadvantages of the Steam Iron

Pros and cons of the steam ironCompared to the older, more traditional irons, steam irons are definitely a better choice in every sense.

They are more precise in temperature, offer more ironing options, are lighter than the older irons and most of all, they produce steam while ironing – the most useful feat you can have while ironing clothes. They also last a long time as long as they are cleaned regularly and properly maintained.

The steam helps to smoothen out any wrinkles and helps to give a crisp look to your clothes.

But just like any other electrical appliance, it isn’t just associated with good points. For this reason, you need to consider the negative aspects as well.

Let’s see how these appliances make our life easier and how to properly use a steam iron. This will help you decide if it is the right fit for you.

As mentioned above, the first and perhaps the most important advantage of a steam iron is that it produces steam – the very essence of ironing.

The steam helps to flatten out those disobedient wrinkles from your favourite shirt and overall give it a new, fresh look.

The steam reduces the effort on your end by a great deal by moistening the cloth.

Also, a steam iron can be used vertically since it is light in weight.

The steam delivery system is fully automatic, so you might want to utilise this while ironing something heavy – like curtains or something along similar lines.

Steam irons typically have many safety measures such as an auto shut-off facility, shockproof etc. and they can be associated with a great degree of convenience regardless of who uses them.

While using a steam iron, you must be certain on whether the cloth you are going to iron really needs steam ironing or not.

For example, a piece of silk clothing would never need steam ironing when compared to the normal method of ironing, which would be more appropriate.

Using steam whilst ironing is bound to ruin your silk clothing.

This means that this method is not suitable and ideal for all types of clothes, which is definitely something you need to consider before carrying out the task.

Now let’s talk a bit about the water tank capacity.

Normal steam irons have much less capacity in their tanks so if you need to iron a lot of clothes, you would run out of water and have to refill it. This might be frustrating sometimes though overall, it is a small price to pay.

Another extremely common problem that users often face when using a steam iron is the water-dripping problem.

You will often see that the water is dripping from the water tank and this creates a completely unnecessary problem, especially if you are going to use the piece of clothing straight after ironing.

But the experts say that in order to avoid this dripping problem, you should never fill the water tank fully.

The ideal thing to do is pour water until the tank is two third full and this would ensure that the water doesn’t drip down.

While it’s true that steam irons have some disadvantages too, the advantages weigh far more than the disadvantages.

Furthermore, you can easily overcome the disadvantages mentioned above by taking the necessary precautions as well as buying a high quality product.