Tips on Ironing the Right Way

Best way to iron properly.Ironing clothes is a tiresome and mundane job for some while it is delightful to others.

Isn’t it amazing to watch a wrinkled world become flattened in front of your eyes and all with your own hands?

Or the extremely creased and messed up trouser turned to a sharp, crisp crease and you being the reason and the cause for that positive change? Surely these are oddly satisfying scenarios.

Those who enjoy ironing, we have nothing to say to you, you must be a pro in doing it, so surely you like it.

But those who don’t like ironing at all – have you ever thought of the possibility that you have been doing it wrong all along? Maybe that is the reason that you don’t like it.

Here, we are going to share some tips with you about ironing your clothes the right way. Have a look at them and decide whether you have been doing it correctly or not by yourself.

It is guaranteed that if you follow these tips, ironing would no longer be a cumbersome job for you. So without further ado, here are some tips for ironing the right way:

  • Do you have an ironing board? Or an ironing table? Or at least a flat surface? Ironing is definitely going to require a flat surface where you need to press your clothes down flat. Any uneven surface will give you an adverse result and you would end up ruining your clothes. So always find a flat surface for ironing, preferably an ironing board.
  • Arrange your clothes according to the required temperature level. What this means is that you should iron the clothes and clothing material like silk and synthetics at the very beginning since they require the least amount of heat. Then gradually increase the heat to a medium level and have the woollen clothing material ironed out. The cotton and linen clothes require maximum heat so you should always iron them at the end.
  • Always iron in a straight line, preferably along the length and never iron in a circular motion. This circular motion might ruin your favourite shirt.
  • It is always advisable to hang your clothes on a hanger right after ironing them because if you just throw them to the side, they may develop wrinkles again! If you do not have hangers on hand, then fold the clothes properly after ironing them.
  • If your clothes are sensitive, you should always use a pressing cloth. Any thin cloth made of pure cotton would do the job. This would keep your delicate clothes from sticking to the iron or developing a shine.
  • Always know when or where to use steam. Just because you have a steam iron doesn’t mean all your clothes require steam ironing! For example, a silk cloth would not require steam to be used since they are well pressed in a lower temperature.
  • Always be very careful not to touch the soleplate. The soleplate of an iron can be as hot as 450° Fahrenheit so touching this has the ability to cause severe damage. Keep it at a safe place after using it.
  • If you have to use an extension cord, be sure it is compatible with the iron. Irons require high amounts of electricity so a low quality extension cord might get heated up and cause fire or short circuit. Not only is this extremely dangerous, you can also be certain that your iron will be damaged extensively.
  • If you don’t yet have a steam iron, look into purchasing a reasonably priced one. They can be quite useful for some types of clothes.