Best Steam Generator Iron and Best Steam Iron Reviews in 2016

Best steam ironRemember that time you went out with an unironed shirt and ended up being on the receiving end of some funny looks.

In fairness, most of us have been in this situation at least once in our lifetime.

In my opinion, ironing is one of those tasks that must be carried out regardless of how much we dislike it and let’s be honest; a lot of us aren’t big fans!

While most of us try and find different ways of making this task easier, a lot of people are actually leaning towards ironing and laundry services.

I know that this does tend to make everything hassle-free but it does cost a lot of money in the long run.

For me, a good solution has to be the use of the best steam iron or even the best steam generator iron, which is a far greater and more efficient alternative to the traditional iron.

Using this tends to make everything quicker and easier than ever before and it’ll save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

This type of iron is a lot better than a traditional one because the system inside creates steam continuously as you carry out the task. This is brilliant because it smoothens out the toughest of creases in no time at all.

If you use this, you’ll also have to go over one side of the shirt rather than both sides. This is highly beneficial, as you will end up saving a lot of time. So basically, the results will be fantastic and will be achieved in very little time. This will obviously be highly convenient for the user.

When it comes to buying one here in the UK, you’ve got a lot of products to choose from. While this is definitely a good thing, it can often turn into a problem because you don’t know which one to go for.

The obvious thing to do is to read a lot of reviews and make sure you weigh the pros against the cons before making the final decision.

This is exactly what we’re here to hell you with because we’ve searched the entire UK market and tested all kinds of steam irons. As a consequence of this, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 6 products that are associated with the best quality.

NameTypePressurePowerWater CapacityPrice
Philips GC9630/20Generator6.7 bar2400W1.8 Litres£££
Philips GC9550/02Generator6.5 bar2400W1.5 Litres££
Tefal GV8461Generator6 bar2400W1.8 Litres££
Tefal GV7450Generator5 bar2100W1.7 Litres££
Morphy Richards 42221Generator4.5 bar2400W1.7 Litres£
Morphy Richards 42244GeneratorN/A2400W1 Litre£
Philips Azur GC4890/02TraditionalN/A2600W350 Millilitres£
Tefal Aquaspeed FV5546TraditionalN/A2600W300 Millilitres£
Philips GC4522/00 Azur PerformerTraditionalN/A2600W320 Millilitres£
Rowenta Eco Focus DW6010TraditionalN/A2600W300 Millilitres£

Top 6 Steam Generator Iron Reviews

1. Philips GC9630/20 Perfect Care Elite

4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5) 

Best steam generator ironThe Philips GC9630/20 is probably the best model that’s available for sale in the UK. This certainly looks accurate when we evaluate the specs.

When it comes to the steam pressure, this scores the highest points, which means that it’ll penetrate the fabric a lot more than any other product. This will lead to far higher efficiency when it comes to producing smooth wrinkle-free results.

This product also has a massive water tank and produces steam at an incredibly fast rate. The tank is removable and this instills a level of convenience too.

During the testing process, it was quite clear that this model is quite light in weight. The soleplate is also quite thin and this makes it efficient in and around buttons and other difficult-to-reach areas. The soleplate is probably one of the standout features of the GC9630/20.

When it comes to the ease of usability, this model scores top marks. It is simple to set up, use and descale when necessary. In addition to this, this iron doesn’t cause much noise when in use.

In overview, this is definitely the best steam generator iron available on the market nowadays. For this reason, it is also fairly costly, which is probably the main negative point about it.

In addition to this, when the main unit is secured onto the tank, it can be quite heavy. This is another negative aspect but in general, you won’t find a better-performing product no matter how hard you looked.

2. Philips GC9550/02 PerfectCare Silence

4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5) 

Steam generator iron reviewsWhen you first take a look at this unit, you’ll see how beautiful it looks. I’m sure that it’ll really stand out wherever you keep it. Obviously, looks aren’t everything and the machine has to perform well.

Well, to be honest, the GC9550/02 is another top class iron created by Philips and this has received highly positive reviews from previous users. This is mainly due to the excellent performance it has been associated with.

While the specs are a tiny bit lower than the previous model, these are still high up on the list when compared to other similar products. This means that you can be confident about the results you’ll be able to experience when pressing with this product.

The tank has a relatively large capacity and can be removed when necessary. I would say that you wouldn’t need to remove it too frequently because the water does last quite a long time. On top of this, the water level can be seen without removing the tank.

The cords are also quite long and can be kept inside the base. This prevents any loose wires, which prevents any hassle and keeps the place looking clean.

From my experience, this product will perform fantastically well regardless of the fabric that you’re going to be pressing. The system heats up extremely quickly and the pressing can be completed within no time at all.

Once again, the high price-point is probably the main negative factor but again just like the previous unit we discussed, this is one of the best steam generator irons available to buy right now.

3. Tefal GV8461 Pro Express Autoclean

4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5) 

Steam generator iron reviewIn the UK, Tefal is one of the best and most reliable household appliance manufacturers. This seems to be accurate as far as the GV8461 is concerned.

There are a lot of features that really stand out for me. For example, the soleplate has an autoclean function, something that will ensure that the iron lasts a long time. In addition to this, this machine is also fairly efficient due to the eco function, which will save around 20% energy. This is further boosted by an auto shut-off function.

In terms of power and performance, this product excels as well. You’ve got a pressure of 6 bars alongside a high output of steam as well. This is something that will allow the GV8461 to perform as well as most expensive products.

There are some convenient features too and these are bound to make our lives easier too. A perfect example of this is the retractable cord, which means that the cord won’t be lying around.

This model is on the bulky side but the system itself is quite comfortable to use and relatively light. The water tank is also quite big, which means that you won’t need to fill the tank too quickly.

In general, this is an iron that provides terrific value for money. This is mainly because it’s associated with top performance whilst being available for a fairly affordable price.

4. Tefal Express GV7450

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5) 

Which iron to buyJust like the previous Tefal steam generator iron, the GV7450 is another high quality product. However, the specs are considerably lower than the previous three models that we’ve spoken about.

The lower specs and lower performance levels may be due to the lower and more affordable price tag. This means that this unit is associated with a decent price to performance ratio.

Despite the lower specs, the performance level is still great. The pressure is more than acceptable while the water tank is quite big as well.

After testing this product, I was fairly impressed with how I got on. The unit is a little bit bigger than a normal iron but nothing too bulky. This means it’s quite light and comfortable to use. The most impressive aspect was how easy it was to control it. It really glided over the clothes while correcting the creases as it moved.

As a result of this, I felt that the ironing was completed in record time and that too without much effort. This is a first for me when it comes to this task. In addition to this, the system doesn’t require much maintenance especially in the first few months of use.

Overall, I was quite pleased with this product and would definitely recommended it to anyone.

5. Morphy Richards 42221

4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5) 

Best iron to buyThe previous products that we have spoken about can all be associated with excellent performance. However, they might be a bit too costly for some people.

For those that are looking for a good quality ironing system without the need to spend too much money, the Morphy Richards 42221 would be the best bet.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, it has decent specs when it comes to the pressure of the steam (4.5 bar) and the power of the output. Secondly, the system comes with an extra-large water tank and an auto shut-off feature.

In addition to these features, you have a ceramic soleplate that will ensure that you fully experience the superb gliding ability of the product. Furthermore, this product is simple to use if you’ll be ironing vertically.

In my opinion, this product has lower specs than some of the other units that we’ve discussed. However, this is still fairly powerful and is around three times cheaper than the Philips GC9630/20. I would definitely say that this is the most affordable model and provides the best value for money from all of the products tested.

It would definitely be a perfect fit for those that want good quality but have a strict budget.

6. Morphy Richards 42244

4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

Steam generator irons reviewsThe Morphy Richards 42244 is the cheapest good quality product that we came across. Costing just over 50 quid, this will be perfect for people that don’t want to spend too much money on a new ironing system.

Due to the cheap price tag, we can obviously associate this steam generator iron with quality that is worse when compared to some of the premium systems in this guide.

The first noticeable feature is the lack of a pressurised system. This means that the steam is produced but doesn’t penetrate the fabric too deeply. Despite this, there is a lot of it produced and this does well to remove the creases and smoothen out the fabric fairly quickly.

But again, the results definitely won’t be as quick as some of the more expensive products and this will be acceptable considering the price tag.

Other than this, the removable water tank is a fairly large size and the system is quite quick to heat up. The soleplate feels quite durable and is great at gliding over the clothes.

Despite being the lowest spec model in this guide, I still feel that this makes ironing a lot easier when compared to a normal/steam iron. And for such a low price, you can’t really go wrong.

Top 4 Best Steam Iron Models

1. Philips Azur GC4890/02

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Steam iron reviewsMoving on from generator models, we’re now looking at traditional steam irons that will also make it fairly easy for you to press your clothes. The top place on our list belongs to the Philips Azur GC4890/02, a model that has amassed a huge number of near-perfect reviews within the UK market.

This is a product that won’t cost you too much money and perhaps, this is the biggest advantage it offers for people that wish to get their hands on a high quality product but without spending hundreds of pounds.

The GC4890/02 looks great too but of course, most of us are interested in the functionality aspect rather than the appearance.

It must be said that the iron is pretty good. It performs wonderfully well and will definitely make your job a lot easier if you’re a person that hates ironing.

There are around 6 settings of using this model and you can use them all according to your needs. When you start using this product, you’ll notice how powerful it is. Obviously, we can’t compare this to the different steam generator iron models that we’ve looked at above but for a standard steam iron, this will be perfect.

I say this because it is an efficient 2600-watt model. In addition to this, you’ve got an impressive level of steam output, which stands at 50 grams per minute. There is also a powerful boost feature that will function at the rate of 170 grams per minute. These features will combine to eliminate the hardest of creases within no time at all. The pointed tip of the structure will further enhance this effect.

The ease of usability is also something that is brilliant with this product. The controls are definitely simple to use and an important advantage is that the water tank is see-through so you’ll easily be able to note the water level and fill accordingly.

This product is associated with high quality and this is also true when we focus on the build quality.

In overview, you’re looking at a terrific product and it is definitely the best steam iron in every aspect if you wish to buy a traditional model. It is easy to use, looks good, has some powerful features and also comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Before you buy this however, you must note a few small issues that we experienced. While the system moves smoothly and quietly over your clothes, it does tend to make some crackling noises when it is positioned vertically. I’m sure you’ve already noted that this is a common problem with most similar products. In addition to this, the structure around the settings dial isn’t very convenient. The colours matched together are black and red and some people may find it challenging to read the settings on the dial properly.

Despite a few drawbacks, this remains the best steam iron to buy at this moment in time.

2. Tefal Aquaspeed FV5546

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5) 

Best steam ironsThere are a lot of irons on the market and from testing all of these products; the Tefal Aquaspeed FV5546 came in second place. This is also a powerful model and one that will make it easier for you to press your clothes.

The FV5546 operates on 2600 watts just like the Philips model that we’ve spoken about so positively. The design of this particular product is an aspect that really impressed us. It is an ergonomic design that will make it easy for you to use. The soleplate will also move through your garments quite smoothly so you won’t have to feel stuck as you’re carrying out the task.

The specifications of this model are good too and once again, these ensure that you get the job done a lot quicker and with perfection. This is highlighted by the fact that we get a continuous steam output of 40 grams per minute. However, if this isn’t sufficient and you reach some tough areas that just won’t smoothen out, you can use a shot of steam to flatten them. This shot of steam will produce a quick burst that will equal to 180 grams per minute. This is higher than the same feature that we saw in the Azur model above and this means that you’re bound to experience superb quality in getting the job done.

In addition to the performance aspect, the build quality and materials used to make this product are quite good. This model heats up quite quickly and also has an automatic shut off feature that will enhance safety in your home.

While we were mostly satisfied with this product, the main problem that we encountered involved the power cord. This only measured to 2 metres and this wasn’t long enough to give you a bit of freedom when carrying out your ironing tasks.

But other than this, we’d say that this is probably the best steam iron for the money. It will produce a high quality performance when you need it and make an incredibly boring task a lot less time consuming.

3. Philips GC4522/00 Azur Performer

4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Best ironsThe GC4522/00 is another Philips steam iron and one that is known for some excellent reviews amongst past and present users. Just like the previous two products that we’ve looked at, this model also has some fantastic features that will make it easier for you to press your clothes regardless of whether there are a lot of creases or not.

The steam output of 50 grams per minute is bound to allow you to swiftly complete your task. However, if there are any deep or stubborn creases that just won’t go away then you can use a boost to enhance your ability to smoothen them out. This boost will produce steam of 220 grams, which is higher than our top rated steam iron.

Just like the previous Azur model, this one also has excellent build quality and the pointed tip that will make it easier to smoothen those hard to reach areas. The construction is also at a high quality and we know the Philips brand very well so we know this will be associated with high quality when it comes to the build. After using the GC4522/00, if a problem occurs then you can use the 2-year guarantee to your advantage.

Just like some of the products that we’ve spoken about above, the GC4522/00 also comes with a vertical feature. A lot of similar products make crackling noises when placed in a vertical position. However, this model can easily be used for vertical ironing. You can easily smoothen out creases from hanging clothes or other materials like curtains.

Another advantage of this model is the Double Active Calc System that will ensure that your iron is maintained properly. This will function by preventing the build up of scale and activating this feature after around ten times will ensure that your iron lasts a very long time.

Other than these features, you’ll also be getting an integrated auto shut-off feature. This will enhance the safety aspect in your home because it will shut off automatically if it is left for 8 minutes. Furthermore, if you leave it lying flat, the iron will switch off automatically within 30 seconds.

To summarise, this is probably the best steam iron you can buy right now. However, it will cost a bit more than the other products that we’ve discussed so far. This means that it may not be suitable for some people because they may not associate it with a good value for money. In general, I would say that this will produce top-notch performance, has some excellent features and is bound to last quite a long time.

4. Rowenta Eco Focus DW6010

4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Which ironThe Rowenta Eco Focus DW6010 is the cheapest steam iron that we’ve picked from a wide range of similar products. This is bound to catch your eye because it has a very modern design and some fantastic reviews.

It is quite powerful due to the 2400 watts of power. In addition to this, we’re looking at around 40 grams of steam per minute and 180-gram per minute shot of steam. The unique thing about this product is the Autosteam control, which will adjust the output according to the fabric that you are ironing. This is efficiency at its best.

The iron has a long cord so you’ll have a bit of freedom when trying to complete the task and this will also minimise that frustration when you are in a hurry.

In my opinion, this is a very simple model that looks good and can perform well when compared to similar more expensive products. It has controls that are easy top operate and a generous water tank in terms of size. This tank is also see-through so you’ll be able to see the volume of water inside.

At the end of the day, the most important aspect that we must considering is the results and this is bound to provide excellent results. The best part about this is the price and how it provides an excellent value for money while still performing at a high level.

Benefits of Buying the Best Steam Iron

As mentioned previously, people all around the world consider ironing as being an extremely boring task. Typically, this kind of appliance will halve the time spent on this task. In addition to this, there are lots of other benefits that will make your task far easier than it has ever been in the past. Some of these benefits include:

  • Cheap steam ironsThe first advantage of this machine is that it will allow you to do the ironing in the vertical position. This generation of pressurised steam makes it possible to do this and you won’t need to remove clothes from their hangers. In addition to this, if you’re ironing curtains, you won’t need to take these down either.
  • Typical irons are effective in completing various tasks but the steam-generating model is far better than this. This is simply because it generates pressurised steam from a separate compartment. As a result, the steam is consistently and continuously produced for a long period of time. This power has a positive and deep effect on your clothes and the wrinkles are usually gone after the first go. This means that you won’t need to go over a particular shirt two or three times. Furthermore, you’ll only need to press one side and the wrinkles should disappear.
  • These products are also associated with a far greater water capacity when compared to a standard iron. Again, this will lead produce far greater results while at the same time significantly speeding up the task.


A steam generator iron is probably the most powerful solution to your pressing problems. Once in use, these machines produce more steam due to the separate tank. This travels through the soleplate base and onto the clothes.

Due to the incredibly powerful pressure associated with the generator model, the results will be quicker and better than you’ve experienced before. These results are capable of rivalling the best of dry cleaners and are perfect for someone who has to press a large volume of clothes within a fairly short period of time.

Even if you don’t press too many clothes in one go then these products can still be useful in your household. This is mainly because using this type of iron will lead to extremely smooth and wrinkle-free results much quicker than with a standard iron.

If you’re finally convinced and wish to buy the best model then I’m sure the above reviews will have been helpful. You can also check out the table above and compare all the products against one another.

One aspect you need to consider is the pressure. Obviously, if the pressure is higher then you can expect the steam to penetrate deeper into the clothes. This will lead to a far better, crease-free and smooth result. You need to evaluate these features belonging to each model and then compare them if you want to make the best decision.