Removing Pet Stains and Odour from your Carpet with a Steam Cleaner

Using a steam mop to remove pet stainsCarpet stains are a problem for anyone who has carpets. Some stains are easy to deal with, while others can be more of a problem.

Of all the types of stains, however, pet stains are without question the worst of all. The main reason for this is that pet stains come with an accompanying odour—one which lingers throughout the entire house.

Steam cleaning is a guaranteed way to eliminate pet stains, and the odours that come with them.

This article will present several easy to follow steps on how to remove pet stains and odours with a steam cleaner.

Step 1: Find the spots that need extra attention

It is essential to clean the whole carpet when using a steam cleaner, otherwise the carpet may appear ‘patchy’ afterwards.

Having said that, it is important to locate pet stain areas since these areas will doubtlessly require some extra attention.

Be sure to locate every pet stain area, as any missed areas will continue to give off that less than wonderful smell.

Step 2: Pre-treat the pet stain areas

Any area that is particularly stained, or that gives off bad odours, will require additional effort in their removal.

There are numerous pre-treatment carpet sprays available at any store for this very purpose.

Before applying any pre-treatment spray, however, it is recommended that you test it on a small, inconspicuous part of your carpet to ensure there is no bleaching or discolouration.

Once you are sure the treatment is safe to use, follow the instructions on the bottle.

Step 3: Steam clean the carpet

Once you have pre-treated the heavy stain areas, you are ready to steam clean the carpet.

As always, be sure to move all furniture in order to have access to the whole carpet. Additionally, allow for plenty of ventilation in the case of steam cleaners that use shampoos or other chemical cleaning agents.

Be sure to use a carefully planned route that starts at the far end of the room and allows you to work back to the door, thus avoiding painting yourself in the proverbial (and literal) corner.

Finally, always read the instructions that come with the machine you use. Different machines operate in different ways, so it is ALWAYS necessary to familiarise yourself with the specifics of the machine you are about to use.

Step 4: Perform final rinse

As this is about getting rid of tough pet stains, it is pretty safe to assume you will use a steam cleaner with shampoos or chemical cleaners. That said, a final rinsing of the carpet is required to ensure all chemicals and residue is safely and thoroughly removed from the carpet fibres.

This is especially important for homes that have pets and young children, as you don’t want them on a carpet coated with harmful chemicals.

Step 5: Air dry

Steam cleaning a carpet will leave the carpet somewhat wet after the procedure. It is absolutely critical to ensure the carpet be fully dry before returning any furniture to the room.

Failure to do so can result in mould and mildew forming in the moist carpet fibres. Open windows, ceiling fans and any other type of fan can be used to assist in the drying process.

Be sure to plan your carpet-cleaning project during a time that will allow for the necessary drying time.


Steam cleaning your carpet is the best, most thorough way of removing pet stains and odours.

Not only does it get rid of stains, but steam cleaning also disinfects the carpet, killing up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria—the very same germs and bacteria causing the odours.

Following the five steps in this article will enable you to get your carpets looking and smelling fresh again!