How to Reduce Dust Mites in Your Home

Reducing dust mites at homeIt is said that the most dangerous enemy is an invisible enemy.

One perfect example of this truism is the dreaded dust mite. These microscopic pests can turn any home into an allergen factory, causing everything from simple allergic reactions to serious respiratory issues.

Nevertheless, dust mites can be virtually eliminated and even prevented from getting the chance to pose any kind of threat.

This article will present several easy to follow tips that will help you to reduce the dust mites in your home, and thus to significantly reduce the harm they can cause.

Tip 1: Clean your carpets often

Since dust is far less evident than dirt or stains, it usually escapes our attention. We assume that our carpets are clean simply because they don’t look dirty.

The truth of the matter is that as soon as dust begins to accumulate, dust mites arrive on the scene. Once present, dust mites breed aggressively, meaning that the longer they are ignored the harder it is to defeat them.

The simplest tip is to clean carpets regularly, vacuuming long before they appear dirty.

Tip 2: Wash sheets often

Whilst carpets are a prime location for dust mites to live and breed, they are not the only trouble spot.

Beds are another area of significant concern. Dust can accumulate in mattresses and box springs, providing a rich breeding ground for dust mites.

Regular washing of sheets and other bedding will help ensure that this build up is prevented, thus preventing the mites from taking over the very place where you sleep.

Make sure to dry your sheets thoroughly, as the heat from drying will help eliminate any mites that survived washing.

Tip 3: Use hypoallergenic bedding

In addition to keeping bedding clean, using hypoallergenic bedding will go a long way to preventing dust mites.

Feather pillows and comforters provide ideal breeding grounds for dust mites. Replacing these with materials rated hypoallergenic will prevent mites from infesting those items.

Using fewer decorative pillows and rugs will also reduce the areas where dust mites can live and breed.

Tip 4: Keep your house at a cooler temperature

Like any living thing, dust mites have certain climates and conditions in which they thrive.

When you provide conditions that are harder for them to survive, then you can prevent them from taking over.

Warmer temperatures are ideal for dust mites, thus keeping your house at a temperature under 70 degrees will help to slow down their spread.

Every degree under 70 will exponentially affect the impact you have on reducing dust mites.

Tip 5: Steam clean regularly

Even the best efforts of prevention won’t completely prevent dust mites from living and breeding in your home. This is where the adage “the best defence is a good offence” comes into play.

Regular steam cleaning of your carpets and upholstery will help to eradicate those dust mites who have survived all of your preventative efforts.

Steam cleaning will not only kill and remove dust mites and their dirt, it will also kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria, thus disinfecting the dust mite breeding grounds.

This method will remove dust mites and help prevent their return better than any other method.


The five tips listed in this article will give you a good balance of preventative and responsive actions that will help reduce dust mites in any home.

Gaining the upper hand on dust mites will help you gain the upper hand on common household and seasonal allergies, and thus improve your quality of life on many levels.

Not only will your home be cleaner, it will be healthier and happier!