How to Make a Room Smell Clean

Making your room smell cleanSometimes, no matter how much we clean, dust and scrub, a room can have a less than pleasant smell. This can be especially true for pet owners.

While it’s no fault of their own, pets can sometimes smell somewhat less than perfect. While pets can be a factor, they are but one of many.

Knowing what can cause room odours, as well as how to eliminate them, will help you to make your home smell its best.

This article will present this information, providing several easy to follow tips on how to make any room smell clean again!

Tip 1: Locate the source of the smell

Sometimes a room can smell strange no matter how hard we clean it. This can be the result of carefully hidden smells.

In kitchens, for example, any food in the refrigerator that has spoiled will cause an odour every time the refrigerator is opened.

Trying to locate the source of the smell when the fridge is closed is tricky, thus it is important to leave no stone unturned when hunting the odour-causing culprit.

Other places to look include:

  • Trash cans – spills that are under the trash bag will cause odours that are hard to locate.
  • Sink drains – garbage disposal drains have a plastic guard that can harbour mould, mildew and any number of other odour causing agents.
  • Under appliances – sometimes food particles find their way under toasters, stoves and even refrigerators.
  • Upholstery – even the cleanest appearing cushions, curtains or pillows can contain odour causing elements such as mildew, spills and pet odours.
  • Carpets – sometimes spills can be invisible to the naked eye, causing us to believe a carpet or rug is clean when it is actually full of odour causing materials.

Tip 2: Fresh air

Another cause of a room smelling less than its best can be a lack of fresh air. This is especially common during periods of extreme heat or cold when air conditioning or central heat keeps us from having open windows.

No matter the temperature outside, it is always important to allow fresh air into a home on a regular basis. Opening your windows for an hour every couple of days will help circulate stale air out and bring fresh air in.

This can go a long way to removing the general stale smell of recycled air.

Tip 3: Freshen your carpets

Even the cleanest of carpets can smell a bit flat, causing a room to smell less than fresh. A good practice is to use an agent to freshen the smell of your carpets.

While there are many carpet powders available, regular baking soda will serve the same purpose without the heaviness of perfumes or heavy chemicals. Simply sprinkle the freshening agent onto your carpet just prior to vacuuming.

Ideally, you can do a second vacuuming after a regular vacuuming for the sole purpose of applying a carpet freshener. Using carpet fresheners will not only eliminate odours, but will also help to prevent odours.

In a way, this method is a bit like deodorant for your house.

Tip 4: Candles and friends

Of course, there is always the time tested method of using candles, potpourri or incense to help make a room smell clean. This method is great in that it provides a rich variety of smells to choose from, but it should only be used to create scent, not to hide one.

If you have a smell you are trying to hide, it is critical to address the cause as well as the symptom.


In the end, the most important tip on how to make a room smell clean is to eliminate anything that causes odours.

Once the bad smells are gone, then you only need to follow any of the tips in this article to make your home smell fresh and wonderful, like a breath of paradise!