Use your Smartphone to Create a Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor for your SmartphoneMaking sure that your baby is safe and sound asleep in its crib is one of your top priorities as a new parent.

Staying within earshot isn’t the solution and definitely isn’t always feasible, so monitoring your child’s behaviour and safety regardless of your current whereabouts is something you should seriously consider.

There are many baby monitors out there that will accomplish this with varying degrees of success, but recently a range of apps have been released that allow you to turn your smartphone into a baby monitor as well. They’re certainly cheaper, but are they as effective? We’ve taken a look at a few of them and here’s what we’ve found.

Before we mention any specific app, keep in mind that all of them rely on having two smartphones linked via wi-if to act as the base monitor and the parent unit. If you’ve been meaning to upgrade your smartphone, this will be the perfect excuse to do so. If not, you can always buy a cheaper used model.

Once you’ve sorted that out, install the same app on both phones and position the “monitor” phone in a way that offers a clear view of the crib. Since it will be streaming video all the time, don’t forget to check that the phone is connected to a wi-if network and plugged in.

Which Baby Monitor Apps are Best?

Since so many of these apps are already out there, which one should you choose though? Here are some we believe are great:

Dormi – a very popular choice, and rightly so. This app streams video and audio of your child so you can always keep an eye on it. If you happen to be talking on the phone and the baby cries, Dormi will make your phone vibrate and alert you to it. With Dormi, you don’t have to limit yourself to only 2 devices and can connect as many phones into the network as you wish.

Baby Monitor 3G – This app is very useful if you have both Android and iOS smartphones you’d like have as monitors since it allows the two to sync up and share data. You can take snapshots of your child, stream video and audio onto your PC or Mac, and there also various alerts and other useful options available.

Cloud Baby Monitor – We really liked this one because of all the extra features you get. Apart from streaming video and audio, Cloud Baby monitor allows you to talk directly to your baby, plays an assortment of white noises and lullabies to soothe it, and it even has a built-in nightlight to chase the monsters away.

All of these apps have secure built-in connection protocols that keep your streams private and access to them restricted.

As long as you prepare adequately and understand their limitations, these baby monitor apps can really help you be aware of your baby’s needs without incurring much additional cost. Given that smartphones make them more versatile than most conventional monitors, you’ll be getting many additional features at a reasonable price.